What is the Progressive Island

Progressive Islands and events are where players can earn previously released and brand new monsters as well as rewards

How to Play the Dragon Progressive Island

You will receive items as you perform different actions in Dragon City. And you may win magnificent rewards!
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Actions include: collecting gold, feeding monsters, breeding monsters, hatching monsters, and fighting in special battles.
Win battles as you progress on your amazing quest across the island!
You can claim the corresponding reward after getting all the requested items!

Alternatively, players may claim the reward sooner by paying a cost in gems. The more items a player has collected, the lower the gem cost.
The more items you get, the more rewards you'll unlock!

Players must claim the rewards in order, progressively, and can only move on to the next reward after completing the one before it.


Each performed action has a percent chance of producing the corresponding item. Additionally, players can only get a maximum number of an item at a time. After receiving an item, that item's "pool" will be refilled over time until the pool is full. All pools are completely filled after 8 hours. After completing a fight, players must wait 2 hours before fighting again unless they pay 2 Icono gema to skip the cooldown.

Additional Information

During a boost, the spawn rate of each item is halved, allowing players to collect twice the amount of any item in the same amount of time.
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