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Gold Guide

Gold is the general Currency of the game. It is gained by:
- Collecting from your dragons' habitats.
- Selling items, dragons, or dragon eggs.
- Winning it in the Monday Bonus.
- Winning it in the Deus Daily Bonus.
Collecting in the Dragon Market where you can collect food or gold and hire your Dragon City friends to increase the amount that you get. Winning a tournament at the Stadium, which will give you gems as well as gold for winning. Accepting gold gifts from your friends. As your Dragon collection grows, you will find that you need more space for Buildings and Habitats. It is necessary to clear away rocks, trees and shrubs from your Islands as well as purchase space (expansions) before you may place a structure in that space. Provided that you have a sufficient number of neighbours, the first Expansion will cost 5 000 gold; the second 10 000 gold. The remaining Expansions will be more costly in 10 000 increments up to 300 000, after which the increment is reduced to 5 000 gold each. When you run out of expansions on an Island, you will need to unlock more Islands.

What is the Dragon Rescue?

The Dragon Rescue is a time-limited event, where you battle in 6vs6 epic fights to rescue captured dragons and get amazing rewards.

How to Play the Dragon Rescue (strategy)?

Access the feature
When the Dragon Rescue is live, you can access it with its icon on the left of the screen, below the trophies icon.
Note you’ll have to be level 18 or more, and have at least 6 young or adult dragons to be able to enter it.

Going to battle

A battle can only be entered if you completed the previous one.
Tap on an available battle (with the swords icon on it) to open the selection screen. There, you can use the rarity and elements filters to help you select the best fitted dragons for this fight.
Make sure you chose your fighters carefully, because after a battle each dragon that fought will be exhausted for a certain amount of time, and won’t be able to fight in this specific difficulty of the Dragon Rescue until they have recovered.
To help you make your choice, take a look at the bottom of the selection screen where you can see the enemies you’re going to face, their elements and how strong they are.
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