To speak of Europe and gastronomy is to speak of varied flavors but always of quality. In the Old Continent we find all kinds of flavors and ingredients, as well as the influences of all the cultures of the world. Thanks to the travel possibilities that we have today with flights that respond to the possibilities of all budgets, we can easily taste some of the European delicacies on site. In this post we will try to review the best and most characteristic of typical European foods.

Europe is possibly the most diverse continent in the world when we talk about gastronomy. Spanish tapas have little or nothing to do with German food, or Russian with British. It is a phenomenon that we do not find so pronounced in Africa or America, where the main differentiation is between the north and south of the continent. In Asia the differences are palpable between the Far East (Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand ...) with countries in the Middle East and Asia Minor, where Arab food is the undisputed protagonist. But in any case, there are quite a few similarities and points in common between countries.

This is not the case in many countries in Europe that includes borders. The European continent has, for example, several countries whose gastronomy, in terms of valuations and restaurants, transcends borders. We speak above all of the Italian, the French, and in a second step of the Spanish, the Greek or the Turkish, at least in terms of fame. Also German or Portuguese cuisine has its own culinary traditions and elaborations to be considered outside its borders. In short, that European food is above all varied and rich, and each general statement about it is to be taken with caution.
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Very difficult to say! As we have told you, in Europe you eat absolutely everything. It is true in the first place that the sea is the protagonist in many countries in the northern half of the continent, especially the Baltics and Scandinavia. Fish such as salmon, sturgeon or trout are very popular in these lands, as is white fish in Great Britain. Equally important but not the only protagonists are in Mediterranean cuisine, both blue (tuna, sardines, sea bream ...) and white (hake, monkfish, sole ...).
Meat consumption is very widespread throughout the continent, although not always from the same animals. Pork and its derivatives are very important in central Europe, while beef, lamb or even birds are more so in southern Europe. In the north, game meat from native animals such as deer or reindeer predominates, while in Eastern Europe they eat meat of all kinds. We do not forget chicken, a nutritious and cheaper alternative that we find throughout the continent cooked in a thousand and one ways.

On the other hand, it is true that in Europe there is quite a predilection for pasta and also pizzas. Italians are the great references in this section, but the truth is that in one way or another they are consumed equally throughout the continent, even if only as an accompaniment. So too is rice, which especially in the Mediterranean itself is the protagonist of recipes as well known worldwide as seafood rice, paella or risotto. We must also remember that this is a land of high quality wines. Spanish, French and Italian wines, in addition to Argentine, South African and American wines, are considered the best on the planet, with internationally renowned wineries.
Other culinary areas that we can talk about are soups. Broths are a fundamental part of kitchens around the world, and Europe is no exception. It is true that for example in Eastern Europe they are consumed a lot and there are very traditional ones, especially vegetables. Hungarian goulash soup or Polish beet soup are indeed quite famous, as are typical fish soups from both northern Europe and the Mediterranean. And we do not forget a product as rich and spectacular as cheeses. French, Swiss, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish and even English have quality cheeses that must always be taken into account.

We close this section with naturally desserts. Sweets are the protagonists in a large part of the continent, especially in the center of Europe, Portugal or the British Isles, but without forgetting much less about numerous quality creations in Spain, Italy and Eastern Europe. Especially in the south it is also common to eat fruit as a dessert.
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Let's start with the best of Mediterranean food. Spain, Italy and Greece are the great references to analyze in this section, without forgetting some areas of France, Croatia, Albania, Cyprus, Malta and even Turkey. In fact, food from countries in North Africa and Asia Minor, such as Israel and Lebanon, is also often classified as Mediterranean gastronomy. In all these countries there are of course important differences, but also common ingredients and products such as olive oil, fish and seafood, pasta, and a vast variety of vegetables, vegetables and legumes, as well as fruits and nuts. In the drinks section, wine is the great reference, with thousands of wineries scattered throughout these countries. Mediterranean food boasts of being always healthy and varied, and is the basis of many diets.
Special mention must be made of the highly elaborate Spanish cuisine, which year after year tops the list of some of the best restaurants in the world. Spain is known for such emblematic recipes as paella, potato omelette, mushrooms in beer, as well as wine and sangria, but the truth is that in the Spanish geography a thousand and one elaboration dominate the best meats, fish, pasta and seafood. Of course, the Mediterranean diet in Spain is also based on fruits and vegetables, with many combinations of salad, as well as fantastic spoon dishes.


In fact, it has many similarities with Italian cuisine, which despite being famous throughout the world for its rich pasta and pizza elaborations, also boasts a great deal of mastery and use of vegetables, meats, fish or legumes. In fact, in the same way that in Spain Galician gastronomy has nothing to do with that of Rioja, the differences in Italy are also accentuated if compared to the typical food of Rome with that of Florence, Parma, Naples, the latter considered a authentic gastronomic mecca.
A dish that would be very representative of Mediterranean cuisine is a pasta salad. It is a recipe that combines two references of this cuisine such as vegetables and pasta, always a healthy as well as very nutritious dish, ideal for athletes.
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