Como Obtener Gemas Gratis en Dragon City

Como Obtener Gemas Gratis en Dragon City

The richest nations are the main buyers of these precious stones, whose annual market reaches US $ 117.4 billion. However, laboratory-made diamonds have become a competition for naturals, as has the growing supply of luxury items.


The portal, which uses visualizations to understand how money moves, drew on figures from the World Top Exports portal to analyze buying and selling diamonds. The 15 main importers of this gemstone, which is produced mainly in Russia, African countries, Canada and Australia, account for 96% of the market and are led by the United States and India.

Although rich countries are the main buyers of diamonds, others show more pronounced growth in the purchase of this stone. The biggest purchases in Namibia, Singapore and Italy stand out. By contrast, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Botswana, and even Belgium (the world diamond capital) have seen their markets shrink. This is attributed to trends such as using other gems in bridal jewelry and even the growing market for laboratory-made diamonds, which compete with natural ones.


In fact, the Mining Mx portal, which provides information on the African mining sector, argues that this year sales of diamond jewelery should grow between 2% and 3% worldwide, thanks to the recovery in confidence of American consumers. and a growing Chinese tributary class. However, competition in the luxury market is increasing and electronic devices are gaining more ground. Will diamonds lose some of their shine?

The Sancy was 55 carats and was cut in the shape of a pear. Its first owner was Carlos the Intrepid, Duke of Burgundy, who lost it in a battle in 1,477. The stone was, in fact, named after a later owner, Mister de Sancy, the French ambassador to Turkey in the late 16th century. He lent it to the French King Henry III, who wore it in the cap with which he hid his baldness. Henry IV of France also borrowed it from Sancy, but it was sold in 1644 to James I of England. In 1688, Jaime Il, the last king of the Stuart household in England, fled with him to Paris. The diamond disappeared during the French Revolution.

The Taylor-Burton weighs 69.42 carats. This pear-cut diamond was sold at auction in 1969 and it was agreed that it could take the name of the person who purchased it. Cartier from New York successfully bid on the diamond and gave it the house name "Cartier". However, the next day Richard Burton bought it for Elizabeth Taylor for an undisclosed amount, renamed it "Taylor-Burton".
Mrs. Taylor wore it for the first time in public during a charity dance that took place in Monaco in mid-November of that same year, wearing it as a pendant. In 1978 Elizabeth Taylor announced that she was going to put it up for sale and that she planned to use part of the proceeds to build a hospital in Bostwana. To cover the exhibition costs, prospective buyers had to pay $ 2,500 to examine it. In June 1979 it was sold for about $ 3 million. It is said that it is currently in Saudi Arabia.
This 20-carat peach-colored stone was named after its owner, Hortense de Beauharnais, Queen of the Netherlands, daughter of Josephine and stepdaughter of Napoleon Bonaparte. The Hydrangea has been part of the crown jewels of France since Louis XIV bought it. Today it is exhibited at the Louvre in Paris with the Regent.

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