Same here, I'm actually hoping I can get a few Yesteryear orbs so I can do him also and only collect chests in the fog and Maze Islands. I would be willing to sacrifice the 40+ gems to do both.

Edit: maps are up, since its cheaper i will claim Yesteryear from the fog plus any chests i can, so far the next 2 chests gave Past and Time Travel orbs.

I have collected 3 random time jump chests. Got 10 Yesteryear & 5 Dystopean orbs.

My Paradox Prevention award for 15 hourglasses.

If I'd known the happy hour was coming, I wouldn't have started a summon this morning! But I might get one started when it's done, before happy hour ends. I have mime, mace, millennial and graduation ready and waiting.

So with this event, I can summon either the heigh reverie dragon, or the high entity dragon, for which I have 45 and 50 orbs already. But I’m not sure if that’s dumb or not...

If not, and I should summon one, which to choose to fit best with my others?

I already have high virago, high ethereal, and the high reborn.


. went for High Celestial over High Superstition ... ty ty, SP ... LOVE Summoning Happy Hours !!

Also check the elements on them both, pick the one that does not have the same first element or total elements of any others that you already have.

I'm summoning the Highborn Dragon, then I will only have Valiant and Bushido left to finish the VIP Collection.

In this happy hour I got Alien Lurker and Viktor. Both I really wanted so that's good. The only take 18 hours each despite being legendary.

Went for Bio-Augmented Vampire.

Might speed up summoning to also get Hexed Vampire.

ve got prideful and high scorchwing, spent around 100 gems tho, I couldve got more vampires but I didnt want to spend a fortune on skipping summonings and hatchings.. Even the 100 is a lot for me so...

I summoned the High Cybernetic dragon. I chose it over the High Fenrir dragon, do you think I should have gone for High Fenrir?

My next happy hour is high purity. I’ve actually got enough jokers for once. And I want the elements as trying to ready for any element.

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